Prophet Ismail (a)

After a while Ibrahim

did marry Hajar and

she had a son.

They called him Ismail.

They were all very


Ibrahim, Hajar and Ismail

moved to a valley in

Arabia. They settled in

a good place with hills

and mountains on all

sides to protect them.

After a while Ibrahim

said that he should go

back to see Sarah and

to get more food and water.

Before he left he prayed

to Allah to look after

his wife and son because

they did not have much

food and water left.

The food and water

soon began to run low.

Hajar was very worried. What

could they live on?

They prayed to Allah.

Hajar went to the top of

the mountain, Mount Safa,

to look for Ibrahim.

Now their water was all gone

and they were desperate.

She went to the other

side of the valley and

climbed to the top of Mount

Marwa. She looked towards

the North, East, West and

South for help but found


Hajar kept running

backwards and forwards

between Mount Safa and

Mount Marwa.

She did this seven times.

Suddenly she saw

Ismail kick the ground

with his heel.

A spring of water gushed

out - beautiful, pure water,

they were saved.

Even today this water, called

Zamzam, still flows in the

Valley of Hijaz and when

people go to Makkah on Hajj

they go seven times between

the two mounts in memory

of this miracle that saved

the lives of Hajar and Ismail.

When Ibrahim returned he was

amazed to see the valley.

The water had made the place

very fertile. All the animals

and caravans visited and

made it a prosperous place.