Rights of Womb Relatives

22) The Right of the Mother

The right of your mother is that you know that she carried you where no one carries anyone, she gave to you of the fruit of her heart that which no one gives to anyone, and she protected you with all her organs. She did not care if she went hungry as long as you ate, if she was thirsty as long as you drank, if she was naked as long as you were clothed, if she was in the sun as long as you were in the shade. She gave up sleep for your sake, she protected you from heat and cold, all in order that you might belong to her. You will not be able to show her gratitude, unless through God's help and giving success.1

حقوقّ الرّحم

22. حق الأم

و أما حَقُّ أُمِّكَ، فَأَنْ تَعْلَمَ أَنَّهَا حَمَلَتكَ حَيْثُ لا يحتمل أحدٌ أحداَ، وأعْطَتْكَ مِن ثَمْرَةِ قَلبِها ما لا يُعطي أحدٌ أحداَ، ووَقَتْكَ بِجَمِيعِ جَوارحِها، ولَمْ تبال أن تجوع وتطعمك، وتعطش وتسقيك، وتعرى وتكسوك، وتضحى وتظلك، وتهجر النوم لأجلك، ووَقَتْكَ الحَرَّ والبَردَ، لتكون لها، فانك لا تُطيق شُكرها إلّا بِعَونِ اللهِ وتَوفيقه.

23) The Right of the Father

The right of your father is that you know that he is your root. Without him, you would not be. Whenever you see anything in yourself which pleases you, know that your father is the root of its blessing upon you. So praise God and thank Him in that measure. And there is no strength save in God.

23. حق الأب

وَأمَّا حَقُّ أَبيكَ فان تَعْلَمَ أنَّهُ أَصْلُكَ، وَأَنَّهُ لَوْلاهُ لَمْ تَكُنْ. فَمَهْمَا رَأيْتَ فِي نفْسِكَ مِمَّا يُعْجِبُكَ فَاعْلَمْ أَنَّ أَبَاكَ أَصْلُ النِّعْمَةِ عَلَيْكَ فِيهِ وَاحْمَدِ اللَّهَ وَاشْكُرْهُ عَلَى قَدْرِ ذَلِكَ وَلا قُوَّةَ إلاّ باللهِ.

24) The Right of the Child

The right of your child is that you should know that he is from you and will be ascribed to you, through both his good and his evil, in the immediate affairs of this world. You are responsible for what has been entrusted to you, such as educating him in good conduct (husn al-adab), pointing him in the direction of his Lord, and helping him to obey Him. So act toward him with the action of one who knows that he will be rewarded for good doing toward him and punished for evildoing.

24. حق الولد

وَأمَّا حَقُّ وَلَدِكَ فَان تَعْلَمَ أنَّهُ مِنْكَ وَمُضَافٌ إلَيكَ فِي عَاجِلِ الدُنْيَا بخَيْرِهِ وَشَرِّهِ، وَأَنَّكَ مَسْئولٌ عَمَّا ولِّيتَهُ بِهِ مِنْ حُسْنِ الأَدَب وَالدّلالَةِ عَلَى رَبهِ وَالْمَعُونةِ لَهُ عَلَى طَاعَتِهِ فَاعْمَلْ فِي أَمْرِهِ عَمَلَ من يعلم أنه مثاب على الإحسان إليه مُعاقِب على الإساءةِ إليه.

25) The Right of the Brother

The right of your brother is that you know that he is your hand, your might, and your strength. Take him not as a weapon with which to disobey God, nor as equipment with which to wrong God's creatures. Do not neglect to help him against his enemy or to give him good counsel. If he obeys God, well and good, but if not, you should honour God more than him. And there is no strength save in God.

25. حق الأخ

وَأَمّا حَقُّ أَخِيكَ فَأن تَعْلَمَ أَنّهُ يَدُكَ وَعِزُّكَ وَقُوَّتُكَ ، فَلا تَتَّخِذْهُ سِلاحًا علَى مَعصيةِ اللَّهِ ولا عُدَّةً لِلظُّلْمِ لِخَلْقِ اللَّهِ، ولا تَدَعْ نُصْرتَهُ عَلَى عَدُوِّهِ، والنَّصِيحَة لَهُ فَاِنْ أطاعَ اللهَ وإلا فلْيَكُنِ الله أكرم عليك منه ولا قوة إلا بالله.

  • 1. Cf. the well known hadith in which the Prophet replied to a Companion who asked him toward whom he should show familial devotion (birr): ‘He answered: “Your mother.” He was asked: “Then to whom?” He replied: “Your mother.” Once again he was asked: “Then to whom?” He replied: “Then to your father, then to the next nearest, then to the next nearest”.’ (Tirmidhi, Birr I; Abu Dawud, Adab 120; Ibn Maja, Adab I; Ahmad V, 3 and 5)