The present book is an English translation of Saut ul-'Adalat al-Insaniyah, the biography of Imam Ali, written in Arabic by George Jordac, a renowned Christian author of Lebanon. It has gained much popularity in the Arab and the Muslim world. Many Muslim and non-Muslim scholars have paid it glowing tributes.

Important notice: 
DISCLAIMER: The book, "The Voice of Human Justice", Saut ul-'Adalat al-Insaniyah, authored by the late Lebanese-Christian author, George Jordac, is a seminal work on the live and character of the cousin and son-in-law and first Imam (Divinely appointed leader), Ali ibne Abi Talib, peace be upon him. As such, the reader may come across points which seem to differ from the main-stream Shia opinion of Imam Ali, peace be upon him, in this work and may also find historical accounts which differ compared to similarly recorded events in the works of Muslims authors. Please keep these points in mind when reading this book.