Abu Talib, the Faithful of Quraysh

This book is a detailed biography of the life and role of Abu Talib, the uncle and guardian of the Holy Prophet S.

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Abu Talib: The Faithful Of Quraysh Author: Abdullah al-Khunayzi Translator: Abdullah al-Shahin Publisher: Ansariyan Publications . Qum First Edition 1381 . 1423 Ofugh Press Pages: 328 Copies: 2000 Size: 143 x 205 mm ISBN: 964-438-393-1 All Rights Reserved And Recorded For The Publisher Ansariyan Publications P.B. Box 187 22, Shohada Str. Qum, I.R.Iran Tel: 0098 251 7741744 Fax 7742647 Email: ansarian@noornet.net www.ansariyan.com