Lesson 27: Qibla

1. It is obligatory (wajib) to face towards qibla:
a. While praying;
b.. When slaughtering animals.
c. It is also wajib to face qibla at the time of death;:
d. To keep the dead body facing qibla at the times of praying Salat al-mayyit and
e. At the burial.
Note: It is not wajib to keep the dead body facing qibla at the times of giving it ghusl, kafan or hunut. But it is mustahab (ihtiyatan) to do so.

2. Qibla: Ka’ba is qiibla for those who are in Masjid al-Haram and Masjid al-Haram is qibla for the whole all world. The whole space above the Ka’ba up to the sky, is the qibla.

3. If anybody does not know the exact direction of qibla, he may ascertain it from the graves of Muslims, or Masjids, or may ask those who know the direction.

4. If a man does not know the direction and there is no way to ascertain qibla, but has a strong feeling that it must be in a certain direction, he should pray facing that direction.

5. If he has no inclination at all, he is required to pray facing anyone side; though it is better to pray four times, facing four directions if there is enough time. If the time is not enough, then he may pray as many times as possible.

6. If he thinks that the qibla must be in either of two directions, he must pray twice, facing both the directions.

7. If a man prays facing a certain-direction, and after the prayer he comes to know that the difference was of 90 degrees or more, i.e. qibla was on his right or left or back side, he will have to repeat the prayer, if the time of that prayer has not lapsed. And it is "ahwat" to recite its qadha if the time of the prayer has lapsed.

8. If, in the above case, he comes to know that the difference was less than 90 degrees on either side, the prayer is not to be repeated.

9. It is unlawful to face qibla, or to keep the qibla on the back-side, when sitting in the toilet.