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The Radiance of the Secrets of Prayer


In this text, Muhsin Qara'ati explains in detail the meaning of Worship and Intention, as well as how different stages of worship are acquired. He then goes on to explain the different actions of Prayer in detail, such as the first Takbir, and the recitation of the Suras. The author explains each step thoroughly, outlining its importance and our understanding of the action.

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The Radiance of the Secrets of Prayer Author: Muhsin Qara’ati Translator and typesetter: Mansoor Limba Project supervisor: Translation Unit, Cultural Affairs Department, The Ahl al-Bayt (as) World Assembly (ABWA) Editor: Sayyidah Effat Shah Publisher: ABWA Publishing and Printing Center First Printing: 2009 Printed by: Neinava Press Copies: 5,000 © The Ahl al-Bayt (as) World Assembly (ABWA) ISBN: 978-964-529-434-0 All rights reserved نام كتاب: پرتوى از اسرار نماز نويسنده: محسن قرائتى مترجم: منصور ليمبا زبان ترجمه: انگليسى