After Mother's Death

A mother's death is an irreparable loss, but the order of Creations according to the wisdom of God, demands that every living creature should one day leave this world.

One should remain contented and submit to the will of God and his own destiny. But there are certain duties that children must perform after their mother's death if they desire their own happiness.

In other words, the right of parents does not cease with their death, and this right must be observed by their children after the death of their parents.

The Fifth Imam says: "An offspring may be benevolent to his parents during their life­ time, but he may not repay his debt to them after they die, nor pray for their salvation, and forget them altogether. In such a case, this offspring will be included by God in the category of those who misbehave towards their parents"1

What can be concluded from these and other Islamic narrations is that if a father or a mother has incurred a debt, their offspring should make an effort to repay this debt and pray for their salvation.

He should offer alms in their name, feed a needy person to gladden their soul, take care of and caress an orphan, and perform similar charitable acts. The reward of such deeds will be given to the parents as well as their children and God will bless and favour them for such benevolent and charitable deeds.2

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