51. How can we believe that when Imam Mehdi reappears, may his reappearance be hastened, that he will have the face of a forty-year-old when he is 1000+ years?

Generally speaking, the hair that makes up the eyebrows and the eyelashes can remain unchanged on our face for decades and not grow at all, whereas the facial hair and the hair on our heads grows and changes every moment. Both are cells that are fed through the same meat, blood, nutrition and oxygen, yet the All Able Allah SWT has created them so that one remains unchanged and the other continuously changes, while close in proximity to each other.

Furthermore, there is no logical, experimental or passed-on information provided to us that limits the age of an individual. Age is like the process of change and its speed or otherwise is not limited by any boundaries, just as light has no boundaries. Allah SWT in the Qur’an, has granted the age of 1000 years for Prophet Noah AS and sleep of 300 years for the People of the Cave.