81. Is it right to be saying slogans such as “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” in mosques and in holy places?

In describing the believers, the Qur’an in the last Ayah of Surah Fath states that:

أَشِدَّاءُ عَلَى الْكُفَّارِ رُحَمَاءُ بَيْنَهُمْ ۖتَرَاهُمْ رُكَّعًا سُجَّدًا يَبْتَغُونَ فَضْلًا مِّنَ اللَّـهِ وَرِضْوَانًا.

“The believers are hard against the unbelievers, merciful one to another. Thou seest them bowing, prostrating, seeking bounty from God and good pleasure.”1

In this Ayah before prostration and bowing, believers being hard against the unbelievers is mentioned. The slogans “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” is an example of the practical application of believers being hard against the unbelievers, as mentioned in the Qur’an. Of course, the chanting of these slogans is not enough, but rather more importantly is the strength of our actions which fall under the shadow of education, unity, self-reliance, self-respect, not allowing the penetration of the enemy and staying away from any agreement or stance-softening which may cause hostile covetousness.

The Qur’an at the time of the Prophet SAWA states that:

إِنِ اتَّقَيْتُنَّ فَلَا تَخْضَعْنَ بِالْقَوْلِ فَيَطْمَعَ الَّذِي فِي قَلْبِهِ مَرَضٌ,

“If you (O wives of the Prophet) are god-fearing, be not abject in your speech, so that he in whose heart is sickness may be lustful.”2

Today, given the wives of the Prophet SAWA are not with us, this Ayah is teaching us an important political lesson in that faithful Muslims must never appear politically soft in its direction, encounters or agreements that lead to hostile covetousness. It is important that we don’t open ourselves up to the enemy; giving them the green lights to do as they please.