In the Name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

All Praise is due to Allah, the Sustainer, the Designer and the Creator of all things. He created mankind out of His Love so that He might be Merciful unto them. We ask Allah to shelter His Final Messenger, Muhammad (S), Son of Abdullah and his entire household with His Divine Blessings and Mercy.

The Bible and the Qur'an are two important spiritual nourishments for the world. It is commonly accepted that the Bible is a sacred Christian scripture and that the Qur'an is the sacred Book of the Muslims. However, to me as a Muslim student of these two books, both are of great significance in my life.

Perhaps upon coming across this comment, a Muslim reader of this book may be tempted to ask, "Do Muslims need to use the Bible to seek the truth about God? The answer ultimately is "No!". This is so because Islamic beliefs are categorically and clearly explained in the Holy Qur'an and these beliefs are well known.

Here we will mention only some for the benefits of non-Muslim readers:

(1) Muslims believe that sins are not inherited.
(2) Muslims believe that the doctrine of "Trinity" is a fabrication and blasphemy.
(3) Muslims believe that Jesus is a Prophet of God unto the Children of Israel and he is highly revered by Muslims. But they neither regard him as God, nor as Son of God.
(4) God does not beget sons or daughters, neither was He begotten.
(5) Christ was neither killed nor crucified. To Muslims, the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus are myths.

In fact, if we were to use the Qur'an to explain the errors in the doctrines of Christianity and the unacceptability of many Christian dogmas, it would be a very simple task. However, since Christians do not accept the Qur’an as the truth from God, we have refrained from using it as evidence.

We are dealing with Christians worldwide who have been conditioned from childhood to accept these creeds - the original sin, the Trinity, the Divinity of Jesus, Son-ship of Jesus, his Crucifixion and his Resurrection - without questioning what they normally read from the Bible. To them the Bible is the only authentic source that can bring you to the absolute Truth.

Today, Muslims have a great task. They will need to depend on the same Bible to free their Christian brethren from the shackles that have bound their thinking and reasoning for the past two thousand years. The Holy Qur'an addresses the Christians in a very respectful manner. It addresses them by the title, "O people of the Book".

Christians inherited the laws of Moses by following Jesus who was an Orthodox and practicing Jew; they also inherited the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To Muslims, the original laws of Moses and the original Gospel of Jesus are sacred Scriptures. Both are regarded as inspired Books of God and it is for this that the Quran as “People of the Book” addresses Christians.

The Holy Qur'an commands Muslims to demand proofs and evidences from the Christians for the ‘fanciful and innovative’ doctrines by saying:

"Produce your proof, if you are truthful” Ch. 2:111

As for that, the Christians will simply say: our Bible is our proof! They have produced the Bible in over a thousand languages and distributed them freely throughout the world. The Bible is also being preached all over the world via radio stations and satellite television channel.

It is therefore, with a feeling of profound love and respect for both Jesus (A.S.) and Muhammad (S), and for the same religion that they preached and practiced that I have embarked on this comparative study between Islam - the religion of both Jesus and Muhammad (S) - and Christianity, the religion that has its roots in Judaism but was actually founded, preached and taught by Paul - who the Christians believe to be a prophet of the Gentiles.

The Message of Jesus and Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Them)

If at times I find myself disagreeing with the Christians, it is not over the religion of Jesus Christ but over that religion which had been altered, with its form and features distorted after the departure of Jesus Christ. For a reader of the New Testament and a seeker of truth, a brief comparison between the teachings of Christ and that of Paul will provide him the proof that the real founder of Christianity is Paul, not Jesus Christ.

Faith in God takes a spot in every human mind and heart. God, the creator, made mankind and all things and bestowed them with this nature of compliance and submission, designed for their own survival in their respective living environments. Man must submit to the highest divine order, which is the source of perfection and a means of suppressing all human flaws.

Man is an imperfect being, but fortunately he is aware this reality of himself. Therefore, he needs to be perfected and it is only by submitting and surrendering his life to Allah that this can be attained. This is why Allah created man and gave him the nature of submission so that he might grow gradually into that desired perfection of his soul. After we have known that it is in the nature of man is to submit and surrender to the highest divine authority, therefore, the true religion of man is within his own nature. Man needs to be perfected and sheltered with mercy, and it is only through this nature of submission and surrender to the Perfect and Merciful Being that man can attain these benefits.

Islam is not a religion as understood in western terminology but it is a way of life and the very nature of man. In fact, it is submission to the Will of God, and all prophets of God from Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (S) came to teach mankind how to explore this natural feature of submission so that he might achieve that mental and spiritual growth which would eventually perfect his soul and, eventually, his wellbeing.

For example, both Muhammad (S) and Jesus declared that their messages were indeed God's messages and that these were not their own or in any way authored by them. Jesus said; “…I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, He gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak..." John. 12:49.

The Holy Qur'an also confirms that the message brought by Muhammad (S) was not his own but was revelation from God, the Almighty. It says:

"Nor does he say (aught) of (his own) desire, it is revelation sent down to him..." (Holy Qur’an, 53:3-4)

Jesus described himself as a man inspired by God, which means he had heard the truth of inspiration from Almighty Allah. Jesus said; " now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth, which I have heard of God..." John. 8:40.

In other words, Jesus Christ, was a man created by God and was sent to this world as a warner, a prophet, a mediator and the Messiah. Thus, he never claimed to be God or God incarnate as believed by our modern day Christians who claim to be saved by the same Jesus who did not know anything about his Divinity or him being an incarnation of the Almighty God!

In the same way, Muhammad (S) never claimed to be God, but only a prophet and a messenger of God and that, the Holy Qur'an was sent down to him by Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, sometimes directly and sometimes through the medium of the True Spirit or the Holy Spirit.

In Islam, the True or Holy Spirit is identified as the Archangel Gabriel who was in fact, responsible for sending down all revelations to all prophets and righteous servants of Allah throughout the ages. The Holy Qur'an in this regard says:

"Verily this is a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds; with it came down the Spirit of Faith and Truth to thy heart and mind, that thou mayest admonish ... "(Holy Qur’an, 26:192-194)

Searching For Authenticity

The authenticity of any religion, to a large extent, is a function the textual purity of its Scripture - the degree of accuracy of the inspired book brought by its founder and how it was recorded and compiled. If the message, which was revealed by God to a Prophet, has not reached us exactly as it was delivered – instead, misreported and altered - then that religion may be regarded as having digressed from the truth.

If we examine the historical and religious realities visible to our eyes; we will discover that both the Old and the New Testament of the present Bible are clear examples of altered, distorted, corrupted, false and tampered religious texts although many people doubt and deny this.

My dear reader, the search for the truth is the most important mission in your life on earth. This is the only reason for your being and your existence on this planet - so that by learning the truth and abiding by it, you may come to God, your Creator, with the perfect understanding of His Being and the true nature of His religion.

To find the truth is very simple, although at times, it appears difficult for the tainted mind. To enable you to seek and find this truth, you only need to observe the following simple rules:

(1) Be truthful and sincere in your search for the truth itself and nothing else.

(2) Let your mind be prepared to exercise balance in reasoning and to analyze things rationally and without prejudices.

(3) Place your trust always in God, pray to Him to open your heart, as He is the only One that can change your heart to the truth which you are now searching for.

Our problem today is not that we do not read. But it is that we are too proud and unjustifiably sure of ourselves. We are prone to prejudices, and inclined to rationalize untruths. Some people see black and consider it to be white; some cling tightly to the religion of their families for no reason other than that it was their family tradition or legacy; thus the religion becomes another thing they inherit just like a family name, money, houses, or furniture.

The worst thing of all is to see people read with little understanding and without any willingness to truly benefit from the knowledge they gain. Therefore, when you read, please prepare yourself to find the truth and to transform yourself according to what seems to be the truth in accordance with various evidences and arguments.

Perhaps, the truth, which you are searching for, may shock you on your first encounter with it and sometimes it may be too heavy or too unpleasant to accept. But remember that, this cannot change the reality that this is the truth which each of us must accept and believe in. Now, after ten years of research on Christianity and the Bible, I present here a summary of my findings to those who wish to hear the truth with their hearts and minds, and to the genuine seekers of truth.

After having read the Bible carefully, I have found that, it contains many major flaws and convey unacceptable messages:

(1) False and unauthentic texts bearing descriptions which are unbecoming of God and the sanctity and majesty of His Being. For example, it is very odd to see that the Bible viewed God as a Being who does sleep! It says: "Awake, why sleepest thou, O Lord"? Psalm. 44:23

It also says; "Then the Lord awaked as one out of sleep, and like a mighty man that shouteth by reason of wine" Psalm. 78:65.

Again, according to the Bible, "And it reputed the Lord that He made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart. And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom 1have created from the face of the earth." Gen. 6:6-7.

Also, the Bible portrays God as a being who abuses Himself saying: "Woe is me for my hurt! my wound is grievous" Jeremiah. l0:19. It is obvious that if the Bible were an inspired Word of God, these false texts and absurdities would have not been found therein.

(2) In the Bible, there are inaccurate texts, falsely describing some Prophets and righteous men of adultery, fornication and worshipping idols! The Bible carries tales of Lot committing adultery with his own daughters after they made him drunk with wine. It also told about Samson sleeping with a prostitute and Solomon having worshipped idols after having been influenced by a woman he loved.

For more of other odd tales, you may read the Holy Bible, with these references:

Gen. 9:21, Gen.19:30, Gen. 38:15, Gen. 35:22, Gen. 49:4, Ex. 15: 20, Ex. 32: 2, Judges.14:19, Judges. 15:5, Judges. 16:1, 1 Sam. 19:23, 2 Sam. 6:20, 2 Sam. 11:1, 2 Sam. 12:10, 2 Sam. 13:1, Hosea. 1:2, 1 Kings. 11:3.

(3) In the Bible, there are sexually explicit and even almost pornography-equivalent stories packed with graphic physical details. In my view, such sexually explicit and pornography-like stories could have unhealthy influence on the sexual conduct of youths.

For such sexually explicit stories in the Bible, the readers may refer to:

(a) Proverbs. 7:7; Songs. 1:13; 3:1.

(b) Surprisingly, the Bible is a book of flirtation according to the following passages: Songs. 4:1; 8:8, Proverbs. 5:18.

(c) The sexually explicit language in the Bible: Ezekiel.15, 16:1, 23:2-16, 26, and 33.

(d) God of the Bible makes people fall in evil and adultery! Amos.7:16, Jeremiah.8:9, 13:22, Isaiah. 3:16, Jeremiah, Nah. 3:, Hosea. 2:2
And now you wonder why things are not getting better!

(e) Astonishingly, the Bible teaches us how we must punish our wives after they have rescued us from our enemies. It says: "When men strive together with one another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets: seizes him the private parts, then you shall cut off her hand, thine eye shall have no pity on her" Deuteronomy. 25:11.

What has this poor woman done? Was it a sin to rescue her husband? It should be remembered that the act of seizing the private parts of her husband’s enemy was her only means of rescuing her husband. How then could it be possible for a Merciful God to command that the hand of this poor woman to be cut off without any sympathy? Can this be God's judgment?

(4) Another thing that I found most irrelevant in the Bible is its narration of odd stories and tales, which are loaded with superstitions. One of these legends told in the Bible is the story of the trees, which called for their regional election; these trees elect their leaders like human beings, as you will see this with your own eyes in the coming pages.

The biblical notion on the reason for women’s labour pain has no logical and religious support and the assumed divine command for the Jews to eat their own feces and their own impurities is abhorrent. The Bible says; "And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight" Ezekiel. 4:12-13.1

(5) One also reads in the Bible the story of a physically strong demon-possessed man whom no man could arrest and capture. Even when he was chained, he could still break away. The man would not be bound with anything except he broke it. This man, according to the biblical story, was possessed by many evil spirits. He cut himself with stones for years without dying or losing strength. You may read all these superstitious tales in: (a) Mark. 5:1-14 and other weird things in (b) Judges. 9:8-32, (c) Genesis. 3: 16, (d) 2 Kings. 18: 27.

(6) According to the Bible Woman is evil and wicked. Maybe this Biblical statement has played the greatest role in motivating people throughout the world in that shameful practice of mistreating women and enslaving them. "The leaden cover was lifted, there was a woman sitting, and he (the angel) said; this is wickedness " Zechariah. 5:7.

(7) You could marry the women by force, there is no need of their consent as stated in Deut. 25:5, 7.

(8) The Bible command the killing of women, children, stealing women and kidnapping them for the purpose of making them wives; permission also is given by the Bible to capture our fellow men and make them slaves. Read these astonishing claims in Ezekiel. 9:5, Numb. 31:1, Joshua. 6:16·;16:10; Judges. 21:10 and Judges. 21:21.


Despite all these tales, superstitions, unjust instruction and many astonishing forged texts in the Bible (including many contradictions both in the Old and New Testament) there are still many who know nothing about the presence of these strange, absurd and unworthy contents in this Book known as "the Holy Bible". Millions who are the victims of lies and deceit of the Europeans and other Christian missionaries faithfully believe it to be the Book of Almighty God!

Perhaps there are various reasons that have led many Christians not to know much about those flawed texts that exist in the Bible. Some of the reasons could be:

(1) The length of the Bible and the language used therein do no encourage a layman to read all parts of the Bible on a daily basis; It is too long for a layman to make it a habit to read its texts regularly. The Bible has 66 books comprising 732 pages. Some Bibles has 73 books comprising 1,500 pages and are apparently difficult for a layman to read.

(2) The fact that most Christians customarily do not adopt a critical approach in reading the Bible and instead maintain it as a mere religious tradition, is a major factor leading to ignorance about the truth as to the flaws is some of its contents.

(3) The priests and pastors who choose for their parishioners what to read and where to focus their attention on. This had made many Christians conditioned to ‘deliberate ignorance‘ resulting in rather little initiatives to explore the Bible independently.

In conclusion, I suggest to both Muslims and Christians that they study the Bible and the Qur’an and compare their messages and contents in a critical, unbiased and rational manner. They must avoid prejudices and fanaticism, as these are the obstacles between man and truth.

"May Allah, guide us to His Obedience and to truth and righteousness".


  • 1. How could God, the Pure Lord and untainted Being command people to eat unclean stuffs? Is this a revelation from God? Does He speak and command all these strange things which are not even worthy of mention?