Ducks (2)

The next day in class, Mahdi got up and described what he had seen. He asked, “Why don’t duck’s feathers get wet in water?”

The teacher liked Mahdi’s question and said, “Its feather are oily, that’s why they don’t become wet. Not only ducks, but all birds that swim in the water have oily feathers, otherwise their feathers would become wet and heavy, and as a result they would not easily swim or fly any longer.

I have personally seen this when it is raining heavily. Pigeons, sparrows and crows, whose feathers become wet, fly with great difficulty.

Ali got up and asked, “Who makes the duck’s feathers oily?”

The teacher turned toward the students and said, “Who can answer this question?”

One of them said, “Their owners.”

The teacher replied, “The ducks in the sea have no owner to make their feathers oily.”

All the students kept quiet and the teacher said, “God, who has created all creatures, has provided them with oily feathers to enable them to swim and fly readily.”


1) What did Mahdi ask and what did his teacher reply?

2) Who has made duck’s feathers oily?