Thanking the Creator

If one of your parents or relatives gives you a present, surely you will be happy and thank them for it. Any one who does good to us deserves our gratitude and should be thanked for his goodness and favour.

We are given many favours from our parents who bring us up and who spend nights awake for our sake; from our teachers, who educate us and impart good manners, from our friends who give us their help. We thank these people and accept their favours and kindness. We consider it a virtue to do good, and in return we praise them for their goodness.

Then do we not think our Creator, Who created us and provided us with our parents and gave us so many blessings, deserves many thanks and worship from us?

It is Allah and He Who alone created us, Who provides for us and blesses us and it is to Him and Him alone for Whom should be reserved the ultimate praise.

Anyone who fails in his duty and neither worships Allah nor thanks Him can only be arrogant and evil.

No sane person can reject goodness and be ungrateful towards One Who provides favours, offers help and is merciful towards him.

My Lord! Inspire me to thank You for Your Favour which You bestowed upon me and on my parents, that I may do righteousness such as will please You.