Allah, the Omniscient

Allah, the Almighty, says:

“Say: Do you instruct Allah about your religion? But Allah knows all that is in the heavens and on the earth; Allah is Knowing of all things” Holy Qur'an (49:16)

When we look at an airplane, we are aware that the engineers who designed must it have had great knowledge and understanding of aerodynamics and other fields of science to make it fly in the sky. Without such capabilities, the achievement could never have been accomplished.

If you read an interpretation of the Holy Qur'an, you will realise that he who wrote and composed it was a scholar of Islamic theology. Otherwise he would be unable to produce such a great book.

A man suffers with his sight and is unable to see. And then a doctor cures him. His eyes recover, so he becomes able to see again. What can you say concerning this doctor?

Surely that he has knowledge regarding medicine, otherwise he would not have been able to treat such a patient.

You will recognize that these achievements indicate the ability of scientists who have knowledge and skill in their field.

In that case, what can we say about the creation of man, his body, mind and vision, which he has been given? It can only be concluded that He Who created man and gave him this wisdom is Allah, the Almighty, Who knows all things.

“Read! In the name of your Lord Who created. Created man of a clot. Read! And your Lord is the Most Bountiful, who taught man what he knew not...” Holy Qur'an (96:1-5)

Now think and further ponder about the creation of the heavens, the earth, the seas and the stars. Do not these indicate that He Who created them is Omniscient? Indeed they demonstrate for all to know that He Who created them has ultimate knowledge and acquaintance of existence.

Otherwise He would not have been able to make and create them.

“Indeed, their creator can only be Omniscient, the Able One”.

We realise that scientists, engineers and designers who make aeroplanes, televisions, and cars, and doctors with medical knowledge, have gained and learned their subjects through schools, books and research. But their vast knowledge is limited and they are not able to know everything or even have in-depth understanding in several fields.

An engineer, who makes aeroplanes, is not familiar with the medical sciences, and eye-specialists have no knowledge of curing stomach sickness or heart complaints. It should also be noted that scientists and doctors depend upon tests and experiments before an invention can be developed, or a patient diagnosed. Their knowledge is based upon what has previously been learnt from higher knowledge that can come only from Allah.

Reading these examples, one is automatically led to understand that Allah's knowledge differs immensely from that of people.

And it is obvious that Allah, the Almighty, is Omniscient and needs no one to teach Him. It is He Who teaches man.

Allah the Omniscient knows everything in the heavens, what is on the earth and what is in the depths of seas.

Verily He knows the unseen, what will happen tomorrow, after tomorrow and in the distant future, because He is the Creator of man and all creatures altogether. He knows what is known, what will be known and what never will be known by man because He created them, knowing everything in them, like an engineer who knows the machine which he himself made.

Allah knows what is going on in the human soul, though He speaks not. He knows all secrets and whatever man does of good and bad deeds.

There are no mysteries for the Omniscient regarding what man does not understand about the world, about its atmosphere and about its life: why there is tranquillity, why there is war; how many different species make up a harmonious planet and what causes disaster and destruction.