Clarifying Verses which Imply Predestination in the Quran

When we go to the Qur'an and those verses that the Mu'tazila and Muawiya used to justify his actions that seem to be leading to predestination, they say this is how we do the correct tafsir of these verses.

Allah says "Wa maa tashaa'oona illa ay yashaa Allah" (81:29) You cannot decide unless Allah decides. What does he mean? Does he mean Allah makes a decision for you? No. What Allah means is that you cannot decide unless Allah gives you free will. Can this wall decide? Can this microphone decide? Why? Because Allah didn't want it to decide. Allah didn't give it free will. "laa ay yashaa Allah" (81:29) Allah did not want this microphone to decide. Allah decided and wanted that I have free will and only then I can choose. So my free will depends on Allah. That is what He means: "Wa maa tashaa'oon illaa ay yashaa Allah" (81:29). It is very simple. Very, very simple.

The other verse: "Wa maa ramaita idh ramaita wa lakinna Allaaha ramaa" (8:17). You did not throw, it was Allah. Why? Who is the one that gave you the muscles? Who is the one that gave you the chance to throw? It was Allah. Who is the one that created you a human being and you could move and you can make your own decisions? Allah. So don't think that when you threw, it was all you. Allah gave you that power. Allah gave you the free choice and the free will.

The other verse: "Wa maa kaana linafsin an tamoota illaa bi idhni Allah" (3:145). No one could believe if Allah permits. Allah permits, by what? By giving them free choice. So no being can believe unless Allah gives the life and gives them free choice, gives them free will. Only then they can decide, only then they ca choose.

"Yudillu Allahu man yasha'u wa yahdee man yashaaa" (14:4). He guides whoever He wants and He misguides whoever He wants. Allah gives the free will and in that way it's as if He is the One that's guiding, He is the One that is misguiding because He is the one that gave the free will. So Allah doesn't make the decision, He only provides us with free will.