"One Last time!" - A Funny Story About Procrastination

Because we do not know when it is going to end brothers and sisters. Who knows when life will end? Who knows when death will come? So, when I have not been guaranteed that I will live 70-80 years and I can die any minute, any second, obviously it becomes more important for me to take advantage of every opportunity.

Yesterday, when I was in the plane, there was a young man, a Muslim man, he was sitting next to me. So when they brought the drinks, he told the flight attendant, I want some alcohol. He took the alcohol. Before he wanted to drink, I said, Let me give a try, I will give him some advice, even though I was pretty sure he is not going to listen. He was not a practicing Muslim but I said, Let me give it a try.

So he began he told me, you do not drink? He said, I guess you do not drink? I told him, no, I do not drink. I told him, my religion and your religion, both our religio,n says that we are not allowed to drink. So he said, yeah, you know what? I do not believe everything in religion. I told him, do you believe in the Qur'an? He says, Yeah, I believe, I guess I believe in it. So then, do you not know that the Qur'an says, It is haram to drink? He says, yeah, but he did not want to say, I do not care, that is very rude. He was trying to say it in a more proper manner that I do not care about Allah, I do not care about whatever.

So I told him, look, if you were told that you are going to die in a few hours, will you still drink that alcohol? He started thinking for a couple of seconds. He told me, I do not think so. I told him, why? You do not believe? He says, because if I am going to die in a few hours, it is not worth wasting my last couple of hours drinking alcohol. When I know death is close, I do not want to spend my last hours drinking alcohol. I had told him, what will you do? He said, I will probably, I will turn to Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala and repent.

Subhana Allah, you see, brothers and sisters. I told him, Has Allah given you a guarantee that you will not die tomorrow or in a few hours? I do not want to scare you, I told him, but this plane could easily fall, brother. You saw that in the news this past year, 5, 10 planes..., and every time Subhana Allah I ride for the last year, I ride the plane and there is turbulence, right away I begin to read the Shahadatayn. It is as if my final moments with all these, you know these planes that have been falling recently.

So I told him has Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala given you a guarantee that you will not die tomorrow? He started just looking at the alcohol. He told me, you know what? This is the last alcohol I will drink and after this, I will start listening to you. I told him, no, you will not listen. When you say, after then the procrastination, delay, tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, as they say.

If you want to do something, do it now. Do not say this is the last time just one more shot, just one more whatever, do it now! Because after you drink this alcohol you are going to be at the same point you were before drinking it. You are going to want one more, and more, and more, and more.

This desire that I have is never fed up. The only thing brothers and sisters that satisfies my desire and that puts me at ease and rest is what? Is the grave. That is the only day they will write on my grave- 'Rest in peace'.

Look, before that, before I am placed in my grave I never rest I always chase after my desires. The desire wants more and more and more. It is like giving, putting fuel you know on the fire. It is not going to solve the problem, it is going to make the problem worse.

The only time the human being settles is when he is placed in his grave. So I can not say one more, because if I say one more, I am going to say one more after that, because it is still one more. The word one more still applies. So what is the difference between before and after? There is no difference.