Why is Allah (SWT) Precise With His Rules and Laws? -

Why do we have to be so careful and so precise with the Ahkam of Allah? Why can we not be lenient? Why can not Allah be lenient? Some people say Allah is lenient. Allah is Rahim [Allah is All-Merciful].

If I pray five raka'at, four raka'at, so who cares. If I pray with Wudhu' [ritual ablution], without Wudhu', who cares? Allah Rahim. If I do Wudhu' in this way or that way, Allah, Subhana wa Ta'ala, is greater than that, then to hold me accountable for these small things that are trivial in our eyes. Some people pose this question, they pose this.

So why do we say that, no, we have to be accurate. We have to be precise with the laws of Allah. Couple of reasons, brothers and sisters. Number one. The first reason why we have to be precise and accurate with the laws of Allah is because this is not something that is specific to the laws of Allah. Any law of any government, if there is any lawyer sitting here, they can attest and testify to this. Any law of any government is always strict and there are always small details that if I did not abide by these small details, I will be held accountable, I may be persecuted.

For example, just a couple of examples. For example, there is a famous law in many countries, you are not allowed when you are traveling outside the country or when you are coming in the country, you are not allowed to take out or take in an amount it is designated. You are not allowed to take in a single dollar more than that amount. For example, I know in the US and I think here in Canada, $10,000. If you are taking out more than $10,000 without declaring it, you could be in big trouble. If they found someone carrying $10,001, will they hold that person accountable? Most likely, yes. Why? It is only one dollar. It is only $5. It is only $10. What is the big deal?No, with the laws of government, it is a big deal. They want us to be precise. Accurate 10,000 means 10,000, not a cent more.

When it comes to the laws of taxes, look at how precise they are. They will take taxes from the citizens up to the last penny. They tell you your taxes are $2,000. 566 point 21. If you get 0.20, they will tell you bring that last cent, they are not lenient about a single cent.

So if the laws of all these governments are not lenient, especially in the West where they are based on democracy and they are based on wisdom and whatnot. I should not expect that with the laws of Allah, it is so lenient, who cares?

Allah does not care about ten minutes. Allah does not care about if my fast is like this or like that. No, this is a form of double standard. With the government, no, we have to be strict but with Allah we are always lenient. This is wrong.

Another example, if I want to build something, I have a construction company. Obviously I need a permit before that. I have a land that is let us say 1000 meters, I go and I apply a permit to build a building that is, for example, 500 meters. If I build 1 meter more brothers and sisters, I will be held accountable. I will be persecuted. There is a fine even if it is 1 meter more and this is almost in every country, we have to be precise. Your permit is 500 meters. Why did you build 505 meters? 503 meters? You have to pay fine for those extra meters. Correct? So we have to be precise with the laws of government.

So the same thing applies to the laws of Allah. Why should I expect the laws of Allah to be different when Allah wants me to pray in this way? I have to pray in that way.