Why Should We Be Extra Careful With Time?

These hours and nights and days and years that Allah has given us in this Dunya are what will dictate my eternal future. My eternal future in the Hereafter, is decided based on what? Based on how I spend my time here. So we have to be very careful brothers and sister.

It is only 70 years but it will decide your eternal fate. Seventy years, if you live 70 years, this will decide billions upon billions upon trillions upon trillions of years. It is only seventy years. But look at how important it is.

Everything we do in this Dunya, it will echo in the eternity. We will see it and we will decide our future for forever. So that is why I have to be careful. The hour I spend here, I have to make sure that it is worthy.

I have to make sure that I will benefit from it in this Dunya. Some people they spend 8 hours a day working, for what? For a paycheck that finishes in five days. In one day.

In one month. The time that we spent for our Akhira is eternal, never goes away brothers and sisters, we have to be careful. So sometimes a small mistake, I waste five minutes of my time in this Dunya this will have an eternal effect. Because if I could have done a good deed then I would have benefited from in those five minutes were forever. But I wasted it.

The smallest, smallest mistake could have the largest effect because it is eternal. And that is why if you take a piece of paper and you draw two parallel lines, as you know those lines, will they ever cross?

Will they ever get closer to each other? Never. If they are perfectly parallel like this, they will never meet. But what if you skew or you move the direction of one of the lines?

For example, not a centimeter, you move it 0.000, put 500 zeros and then put a 1 millimeters. If you move it that much, now it will look parallel, but only for a while. After 1 km, 10 km, 10,000 km, obviously the gap is going to widen.

So can you imagine after millions of years how big that gap is? You think it is a small mistake, but over time you see that the result, that the negative consequences and ramifications are so great. So that is why I have to be extra careful.