The Story of Barsisa and the Chain of Sins

Sometimes there are some sins that lead to other sins, they trigger other sins. I start with one sin, but I end up committing ten sins because one sin leads to another. It's like chain reaction of sins. There's a famous story, I'll quickly summarize it. There was an Abid by the name of Barsisa his story is mentioned, this Abid, prostrator lived during the time of Bani Isra'il. They say he was the best prostrator. He used to worship Allah the whole day.

So, they say that one day they brought him, the people of the village, they brought him a woman, the father, the parents, they brought their girl. She was a young woman and she was mentally retarded. She was handicapped. They brought her and they placed her by this Abid. They said, we want you to pray for her. We will keep her with you tonight. Please pray for her. And maybe Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala will cure her because of your du'a. So they place this girl there.

And Subana Allah. And before that, they say that one day this Abid, he saw the devil, he saw the Shaitan. He came to him and he fooled him in this way. And he told him, you know what? All these years I've been trying to fool you, but I failed. I couldn't. I can't fool you're just too strong for me. Your Iman [faith] is too strong. He's fooling him. He's fooling this Abid. So he tells him.

And I was informed through my sources. Shaitan has the sources. The devil has the sources. I was informed through my sources that you will live, for example, 100 years more. Back then, according to the ahadith, people used to live more. So you will live for 100 years more. And no matter how strong I try, my efforts will go in vain. I will not be able to fool you. The Shaitan, he just planted these words and he went.

This Abid began to think huh 100 years? And I won't be seduced. I won't be affected by the Shaitan. He said, you know what? Why don't I commit, be a little lenient, commit a few sins, enjoy myself for a couple of years and then I'll live 100 years. And then before 100 years, I will repent. Look at how the Shaitan fooled him, it was just one word. So what happened?

So then back to the story. Those parents, they brought their girl. They placed the young lady Besides him. So what happens? So, he's supposed to be a Abid. He would never do anything that's haram, anything evil. So that girl, she's like we said, she's retarded. She can't do anything. She won't understand anything. So the devil comes again.

He tells himself, you know what? I'm all by myself with this young lady. What prevents me from doing anything? And if I do anything haram, I'll repent. He tells himself, no, no, no. So the first thing he does, he takes a look. He takes a look. And that young lady was very beautiful. He takes that one look that look triggers everything else. That's why brothers and sisters, I'll speak more about that next week.

The Quran says that we should lower our gaze. We shouldn't look, because the first look will be the beginning of everything. It's one look. But that look triggers something else. That something else triggers something else. At the end of the day I say I committed the biggest haram.

So he takes a look. He says, well she won't understand first. If I do anything Haram, no one will know, she's a handicap. Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala will forgive me because I'll repent later.

So the look leads to other things until he commits zina, fornication. May God forbid, with this lady. After he commits fornication he begins to panic. What if I'm caught? Even though this girl is retarded, but maybe through sign language, maybe through any way she'll tell them that I did something haram, I did something with her and I took advantage of her. So he begins to panic. What should I do? What should I do? He says the best thing, let me get rid of her. So he decides to kill her.

One look triggers adultery, adultery triggers murder. So he decides to kill her. He kills that young lady and he buries her there. The next day the parents come. Where is she? I don't know. She ran away. So an investigation is launched. In the end they find out that he was behind it, that he murdered this girl. They uncovered the body. So now what did they do? Obviously he is sentenced to death. While he is placed on death row and while they bring him to kill him, to lynch him.

In those final seconds, what happens? The Shaitan comes to him. He tells him what happened to you. I destroyed you. So he begins to curse the Shaitan. This prostrator. He tells him, you lied to me. I'm going to die right now. This was a couple of days after the incident. When the Shaitan told him, you're going to live for 100 years. There was just one lie, that deceived him, that fooled him. He tells him, you lied to me.

He said to them, why did you listen to me? You know I'm the Shaitan. You know that I am never honest with you. But the Shaitan tells them, the devil tells him that, you know what? I can save you. If you want, I can save you. But there's one price, there is one condition. You have to do kufur in Allah, you have to disbelieve in Allah. He said if you disbelieve in Allah, I'll save you.

So he is hesitant, should I, should I not, they are about to kill him, they are about to strangle him. He tells them fine, he disbelieves in Allah. The Shaitan then laughed at him and told him, I'm not going to help you. Once again I fooled you. Once again you were deceived. And then they strangled him. He dies.

Look, brothers and sisters, in a matter of couple of days, this prostrator who was one of the best people in the community of the village. Not only does he commit adultery, not only does he commit murder, but he dies a kafir. You see how one sin triggers the other? I commit one sin, and then I commit a second sin and a third. And a fourth.

I commit something. I do something wrong. I'm asked by my parents. Where were you? I'll have to lie. I'll have to cheat. I'll have to make up certain lies about them. So one sin leads to the other. And after a while I see that I have left a mountain of sins.

On the Day of Judgment, Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala speaks about some people when they read their book of A'amal. Its filled with sins.

"[Qalu] mali hadha al-kitaab, la yughadiru sagheeratan wa la kabeeratan illa ahsaaha"(18:49) [Ah! woe to us! what a Book is this! It leaves out nothing small or great, but takes account thereof!"]

They forget about their sins. They see in that book everything is written down. It's so much.