Why Shouldn't We Belittle Any Sin?

Brothers and sisters, why we should not belittle any sins is because, the sin if we look at the sin itself, yes, sometimes it may appear to be small. It is only a look, it is only a word. But however, if I look at the fact that who I am disobeying, it will not be so small anymore. The smallest sin is large because I am not disobeying an ordinary person. Who am I disobeying when I sin? I am disobeying Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala.

He is my master. He is the creator. He is the greatest being. So the smallest sin becomes large when I realize that I am disobeying Allah. Do not say it is a small sin. There is no small sins with Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala. He is Allah. How can I dare commit the smallest sin with Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala?

That is why if I imagine myself, if there is someone respectful, honourable sitting, obviously I will be much more careful. If there is a Marja'a, imagine a Marja'a, for example, Sayed Al-Sistani comes and he is sitting in front of me. Would I be much more careful? I will sit in a much more appropriate way. I will be much more careful. Many things that I will say in front of my friends, I will not say in front of him. Why? Even though it may be something small, but I will be extra careful because he is great, because he is a great A'alim, and I have to be extra careful.

Imagine if it's Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala! How careful should I be? There is no such thing as small sins with Allah. And that is why in a beautiful hadith, Rasul Allah salla Allahu 'alayhi wa alihi wa sallam, he tells Abu Dharr, the companion, "Ya Aba Dharr, Inna Allah idha arada bi 'abdin khayra, ja'ala adh-dhunubahu bayna 'aynayhu maththala"-"If Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala wants to help a Mu'min, what does He do? He always reminds him of his sins. 'Ja'alaha bayna 'ayn'- 'he always sees his sins in front of him, he does not forget them.' So that he always what? Remembers, oh, I committed this sin, I have to repent.

And then the Prophet says: "Ya Aba Dharr, la tandhur ila sighar il-khati'ah bal undhur ilaa man 'asayta"- "Do not look at the sin, say, oh, it is a small sin. Look at whom you disobey.'' You disobeyed Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala." And that is why that small sin is big, it is big because you disobey Allah, the greatest being in this universe.

We read, brothers and sisters, in the Du'a Abu Hamza ath-Thumali, a beautiful Du'a, that I advise all of you to read. We read in Abu Hamza ath-Thumali so beautifully about this fact. He says about how sometimes we sin and we forget the Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala is watching us.

He says, 'falaw...,' The Imam says, "fala tala'aw al-yawm ala dhanbi ghayruka ma fa'altu". He says: "If anyone else besides you, O Allah was watching me when I did that sin, I would not have done that sin." I would have been ashamed, but Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala is watching me and I am not ashamed?

Sometimes we commit some sins in private. If there was a child looking at me, I would not do it, I would be ashamed. But Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala is looking at me, I am not ashamed? Why is it that we belittle Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala we? Have to be extra careful with these sins? Allah is watching us and we are disobeying Him.