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Uyun Akhbar Ar-Ridha Volume 1

The Source Of Traditions On Imam Ridha’ (A.S.)

This is the first volume of the book Uyun Akhbar Ar-Ridha, which is not only a detailed account of the Biography of our Eighth Imam Abul Hassan Ali ibni Musa AR-Ridha a.s. and a narration of the life-story of the Imam AS’ but it gives an insight into the erudition and holiness of the Imam AS. and the narration of His ahadith which has gone down in history as “Al-Silsilatul Dhahabiyyah” (The Golden Chain) that is transmitted from Imam to Imam from The Prophet SAWW. The text is divided into thirty chapters, each of which treats a certain topic related to the Imam AS. Chapter One gives a rationale of the name Ar-Ridha. The book describes Imam Ar-Ridha’'s appointment to Imamah by his father. It carries detailed accounts of the debates that took place on the Infallibility of prophets and the legitimacy of the immediate successorship of Imam Ali AS in which Ma’moon also argued in favor of Imam Ali AS’ legitimate immediate succession after The Prophet SAWW. The Imam AS brilliant expose on Imamah and the difference between ‘itrah’ and ‘ummah’ are recorded in this book.

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Uyun Akhbar Ar-Ridha’ The Source Of Traditions On Imam Ridha’ (a.s.) Volume One By:Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Husayn ibn Musa ibn Babawayh al-Qummi Known as Sheikh Sadooq Research and Translation by: Ali Peiravi, Ph.D. Edited by: Lisa Zaynab Morgan, M.A. Publisher: Ansariyan Publications – Qum First Edition 1384 -1427 - 2006 Thamin Al-a'immah Press No. of Pages Vol.1: 688 Quantity: 2000 Size: 143 x 205 mm ISBN: 964-438-789-9 (VOL.1) ISBN: 964-438-791-0 (2 VOL.SET) ALL RIGHTS RECORDED AND RESERVED FOR THE PUBLISHER Ansariyan Publications P.O. Box 187 22 Shohada St., Qum Islamic Republic of Iran Tel: 0098 251 7741744 Fax: 7742647 Email: &
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