Sermon Of Lady Zaynab Kubra (S.A.) In The Market Of Kufa

“Praise be to Allah and divine blessings be on my father Muhammad and his good and exemplary descendants.

O people of Kufa, O you who are deceitful and treacherous:1 Do you shed tears? May your tears never dry up and your loud lamentations never cease.2 You are like the woman that unravels to bits the thread which she has firmly spun. Your faith is nothing but deceit and betrayal.

Are there any among you but the immodest, disgraced, proud, spiteful, adulator, enemy and reviler? There are among you those who are as guileful as a beautiful plant growing in filth, or the silver on a grave. Certainly evil is that which your souls have sent before for you. Allah is displeased with you and in punishment shall you abide.

Are you crying and wailing? Indeed, by Allah. Do cry endlessly and laugh but little, for your deed was so horrendously disgraceful that you will never be able to atone for it. How can you wash away the crime of murdering the son of the Seal of the Prophets, the essence of the message, the lord of the youth of Paradise, the refuge of your nobles, the refuge for whom you resorted during affliction, the bright divine proof of yours, your master who defended the Prophet's tradition.

What an awful sin you did commit! Away with you, there will be no forgiveness for you. Certainly your efforts failed, your hands suffered loss and your bargain is brought to naught. You have made yourselves deserving of the wrath of Allah. Abasement and humiliation have been brought down upon you.

Woe to you! Do you know how you tore the liver of the Apostle of Allah? Whom of his womenfolk you exposed? What blood of his you shed? What honour of his you defamed?

Your deed is most certainly so dangerously ugly and foul, that it filled the earth and sky with its putridness. Are you surprised that it rained blood? Certainly the punishment of the Hereafter is infinitely more abasing, and you shall not be helped. Don’t make light of the delay of punishment in that it is not hastened by the fear of missing the taking of revenge. Most surely Allah is watching.”

Then she recited the following couplets:

O Kufians! What reply would you give at that time when the Holy Prophet (S) asks you, “What did you do? You were the last Ummah. Why did you treat my family, my progeny and my sanctity like this? Why did you hold some of them as captives while made others bathe in blood?

Was it the reward for my service as a messenger that you behaved like this with my relatives?

I fear that you do not become rightful to that chastisement and it befalls on you like the one revealed on the community of Aad.3 (Rizwani)

  • 1. In a version it says: “Breaking of Pledge”.
  • 2. In a version it says: “Your tears will not cease and your lamentations will not fall quiet.”
  • 3. Maqlal al-Husayn, Muqarram; Pg. 387; Noorul Ahsaar, Shablanji, Pg. 167 Quoted from: Hayat ul-Imam al-Husayn Ibn Ali, Baqir Sharif Qarashi, Vol. 3, Pg. 335.