Compassion1 الرُّحم

The Enjoinment of Compassion Towards One Another

الحَثُّ عَلَى التَّراحُمِ

1ـ رسولُ اللهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): الراحِمونَ يَرحَمُهُم الرّحمنُ تباركَ وتعالى ، اِرحَمُوا مَن في الأرضِ يَرحَمْكُم مَن في السماءِ.

1– The Prophet (S) said, 'The All-Merciful, Blessed and most High, has mercy on those who are merciful (towards others). Have mercy on the dwellers of the earth and the [Lord of the] Heavens will have mercy on you.’[Kanz al-’Ummal, no. 5969]

2ـ رسولُ اللهِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): يُنادِي مُنادٍ في النارِ: يا حَنّانُ يا مَنّانُ نَجِّني مِنَ النارِ ، فَيَأْمُرُ اللّه‏ُ مَلَكاً فَيُخرِجُهُ حتّى يَقِفَ بينَ يَدَيهِ ، فيقولُ اللّه‏ُ عزّوجلّ: هل رَحِمتَ عُصفوراً.

2– The Prophet (S) said, 'One of the inmates of the Fire will call out: O Affectionate One, O Liberal Giver, save me from the Fire. So Allah will command one of His angels to take him out that he may come and stand before Him, and Allah will ask him, 'Were you ever compassionate towards a sparrow?'[Kanz al-’Ummal, no. 5992]

3ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): إرحَمْ تُرحَمْ .

3– Imam Ali (a.s.) said, 'Have mercy and you will be had mercy upon.’[Amali al-Saduq, p. 174, no. 9]

4ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): عَجِبتُ لِمَن يَرجُو رَحمَةَ مَن فَوقَهُ كيفَ لا يَرحَمُ مَن دُونَهُ؟!

4– Imam Ali (a.s.) said, 'How I wonder at the one who hopes for the mercy of the One above him and yet himself does not have mercy on the one below him.’[Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 6255]

Those That Are Most Deserving of Compassion

مَن يَستَحِقُّ الرَّحمَ

5ـ رسولُ اللهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): اِرحَمُوا عَزيزاً ذَلَّ ، وغَنِيّا افتَقَرَ ، وعالِماً ضاعَ في زمانِ جُهّالٍ.

5– The Prophet (S) said, 'Be compassionate towards a mighty person who has been dishonoured, a rich man who has become poor, and a scholar who has been forgotten amidst a generation of ignorant people.’[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 74, p. 405, no. 2]

6ـ رسولُ اللهِ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): اِرحَمِ المَساكينَ.

6– The Prophet (S) said, 'Be compassionate towards the destitute.’[Kanz al-’Ummal, no. 5983]

7ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): اِرحَمْ مِن أهلِكَ الصَّغيرَ ووَقِّرْ مِنهُمُ الكَبيرَ.

7– Imam Ali (a.s.) said, 'Show compassion to the young in your family and reverence to the old.’[Amali al-Mufid, p. 222, no. 1]

  • 1. Compassion and mercy have been used interchangeably in this section, as they both come from the same Arabic root ra-ha-ma. The main title 'Compassion', however, refers to human compassion and mercy, whereas the title of the following section 'Divine Mercy' refers specifically to Allah's mercy (ed.)