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Story no. 39: Narjis and her complaints against the other children of the house

Whenever Aqa Abbas came home, he greeted his children, and the children also became happy at their father’s arrival. Aqa Abbas never came home empty handed. Sometimes he brought ice cream, and sometimes fruits for the children.
Mrs. Khadija, their mother, used to distribute it among the children.
But Narjis complained to her father about her siblings. Sometimes she would say “Father, today Ali broke a glass, Sometimes she would say “Father, Ahmad pestered Mamma today” , and these complains were the very cause of some of the other children quarreling with her.
Her mother was unhappy with these happenings, so one day she called Narjis and said “ Do you know that complaining about others is a very bad action in Islam and that you should not complain about others to Father.”
Narjis replied “ I did not know that, thank you Mamma for guiding me”.