An Invocation for Colic

Al-Darari narrated from Musa b. ‘Umar b. Yazid from Abu ‘Umar b. Yazid al-Sayqal from al-Sadiq, peace be upon him, that he [al-Sayqal] said that one of his followers had complained of colic (al-qawlanj). He [al-Sadiq] told him:

‘Write for him the the sura al-Fatiha (1), the sura al-Ikhlas (112), and the two suras of seeking protection (al-Falaq (113) and al-Nas (114)). Then write under that:

“I take refuge in the Face of Allah, the Mighty, and in His Might, which is unceasing, and in His Power, which nothing can resist, from the evil of this pain, and the evil within it”.

Then drink it [sic] with rainwater (ma' al-matar) on an empty stomach. You will be cured of it, Allah, the Exalted, willing.’