An Invocation for Consumption

Muhammad b. Kathir al-Dimashqi narrated from al-Hasan b. ‘Ali b. Yaqtin from Al-Ridha’ ‘Ali b. Musa, peace be upon him, who said: ‘This is an invocation for our Shi'a for consumption (al-sill):

“O Allah, O Lord of the lords, O Master of the masters, O God of the gods, O King of the kings, O Omnipotent of the heavens and the earth. Heal me and cure me of this disease of mine, for I am Your servant and the son of Your servant. I turn about in Your grasp and my forelock is in Your Hand.”

Say it three times; and Allah, the Mighty and Sublime will protect you with His Might and Power, If He, the Exalted, wills.’