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Real Muslim will not remain in Hellfire for ever. The Hadeeth says (The Paradise is for the believers in Tawheed ) (الجنة للموحدين)

Remaining in Hellfire for ever is only for the Kuffaar  (disbelievers who are the enemies of Allah (SWT)).

Kharijites and Mu'tazilah say that Muslim who committed major sins will remain in Hellfire forever like the Kuffaar.

Shaikh al-Mufeed said in Awaa'il al-Maqaalaat P.14: The Imami (Shia) scholars are unanimous that remaining in Hellfire for ever is for the Kuffaar only and not for the major sinners from those who believe in Allah.

Shaikh al-Sadouq said in Sharh Aqaed al-Sadouq P55: The Hellfire is the place of those who did not believe in Allah and some of the believers in Allah who committed major sins but they will not remain in it. No one will remain in Hellfire for ever but the non believers.

The names which you mentioned can be from those who claimed being Muslims but did not really believe, just like the Munafiqeen (hypocrates).