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as salam alaikum

firstly, you may consider the following points:

1) Music promoted by mainstream media is usually considered haram. Actually many scholars of the Ummah consider haram any type of music.

2) Most of the time modern singers and pop-stars promote a non-Islamic attitude tending to corruption and indecencies.

3) Islam always disagreed with idolatry to the point that it is considered the gravest of all sins. A "pop-idol" is therefore far to be islamically-correct.

4) Physical attraction is not everything in Islam and Muslims are called to look also for serious commitment, establishment of family and good behavior in his (future) spouse.

5) Islam is a religion based on truth and Muslims should always incline towards it. However what modern singers try to show is often a fake image of themselves that do not correspond to the truth and it is often artificially constructed.

If you ponder attentively over these issues, insh'Allah your answer will be clear.

With prayers for your success.