Al-Abbas ibn Ali

Al-Abbas ibn Ali (العباس بن علي‎, romanized: al-‘Abbās ibn ‘Alī), also known as Qamar Banī Hāshim (Arabic: قمر بني هاشم) (the moon of Banu Hashim) (born 4th Sha‘bān 26 AH – 10 Muharram 61 AH; approximately May 15, 647 – October 10, 680), was a son of Imam Ali, the first Imam of Shia Muslims and the fourth Caliph of Sunni Muslims, and Fatima bint Hizam, commonly known as Mother of the Sons (Arabic: أم البنين‎).
Abbas, also known as Abbas Alamdar, is highly revered by Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims for his loyalty to his half-brother Husain, his respect for the Household of Muhammad, and his role in the Battle of Karbala. Abbas is buried in the Shrine of Abbas in Karbala, Karbala Governorate, Iraq, where he was martyred during the Battle of Karbala on the day of Ashura.


Sayyed Mohammad Al-Musawi, Sayyed Mohammad al-Musawi is originally from Iraq and heads up the World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League in London. Other than being involved in various humanitarian projects, he frequently responds to... Answered 10 months ago

We believe that every act of the Infallible is based on the  complete wisdom which may not be available to us as our thinking is limited.

The wisdom behind the way of fighting the enemies in Karbala can be to avoid immediate collapse of the camp of Imam Husain (AS) looking at huge numbers of the enemies facing small number of believers.

It can be also to give more chances to the army of the enemies to reconsider their stand.

After all, the whole wisdom of that arrangements is with Imam Husain (AS) which aims definitely to serve the noble aims of Islam.



Zoheir Ali Esmail, Shaykh Zoheir Ali Esmail has a Bsc in Accounting and Finance from the LSE in London, and an MA in Islamic Studies from Middlesex University. He studied Arabic at Damascus University and holds a PhD... Answered 1 year ago
Thank you for your question. The title bāb al-ḥawāʾij is conferred on these personalities by their admirers and their experience of finding their requests being answered in a speedy fashion. In reality all of the Infallibles (as) are worthy of this title.
May you always be successful.