The eyebrow is an area of thick, delicate hair above the eye that follows the shape of the lower margin of the brow ridges of some mammals. Their main function is to prevent sweat, water, and other debris from falling down into the eye socket, but they are also important to human communication and facial expression.


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as salam alaikum

if it is done in a way that resembles women, it is not allowed. However there is no problem in the removal of extra-hair in a particular area in which they usually do not grow.

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We have no evidence to say that it is (forbidden) for men to pluck their eyebrows or straighten them. The only evidence we have is against trying to look like women and vice versa. In many cultures, some men pluck their eyebrows as a part of their cultural practices with out any intention to resemble women. 



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Asalamu Alaykom, 

Some scholars would say that this is a type of adornment (zeenah) and should be covered from non-mahrams.  Others would say that they should be covered if considerd as zeenah according to the common customs. 

Others such as Sayed Sistani permit it based on the following conditions: 

Question: Is it permissible for a woman who does not observe hijãb to get rid of her facial hair, to straighten her eyebrows, and to wear natural and light make up?
Answer: Getting rid of facial hair and straightening the eyebrows do not prevent her from keeping her face open [while putting on the hijãb], provided she is confident of not getting sucked into something harãm and that exposing her face is not done with the intention of inviting harãm looks.

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Thank you for your question. There is no problem in a man or woman removing the hair in between the eyebrows.

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The narration about not plucking the eyebrows is from Abu Hurayra, who even was accused by 'A'isha of narrating things that weren't true. He is rejected by Shi'i scholars due to his unreliability. Hence, there is no narration in Shi'i sources about women not being allowed to pluck their eyebrows.

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This Hadith is not authentic according to Shia ulama. According to Shia it is better to hide it from nun-mahram.